My studio

The lump in my throat

The thorn in my side

My sanctuary 

My courtroom

My therapist's couch

My boxing ring

My dance floor

My place of rest

My operating theatre 

My one woman stand up show

My Inferno

My Gethsemane 

My portal

My witness

My holding space

My birthing pool

My resistance training

My burial ground

My overlap

My time-warp

My onion

My band-aid 

My dark shades

My real-feel

My religion

My loofah

My alphabet

My choke hold

My looking glass

My foam roller

My safety net

My around-the-houses

My hiding place

My ripcord

My submersion 

My puzzle

My sandstorm

My cartwheel, confession and campaign

My simulation

My down payment and overdraft

My recompense

My prompt card

My exhale and my inhale

My soft landing 

My bolster and brick

My hall of mirrors

My acuity test

My bloodbath

My construction site

My skipping rope

My changing room

My writing on the wall

My under the carpet

My soliloquy and my chorus 

My compass

My direct line  

My footprint

My backflip

My spark plugs

My antifreeze

My wrench and atlas

My X marks the spot

My dear diary

My measure 

My day job

My dream job

My back door

My tuning fork

My quantum leap

My beginning 

My end



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